New space on ART7 Go Currie

Some to go downtown Fort Worth ‘s newest hot spot is for the young and not so.

Gallery ART7 votes famous vale as side street comes through the foodies,

gone is the Crockett St,  behold the Currie St. !Bountiful counters

soulful. Small size art? wail of a power wall states ,”now…..”

Exhibition: ‘The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay’ at Tate Modern, London

Sweet dream in color and shape as modern as today.

Art Blart

Exhibition dates: 15th April – 9th August 2015

Curators: curated at Tate Modern by Juliet Bingham, Curator International Art, with Juliette Rizzi, Assistant Curator.

One of my favourite female artists of all time. Up there with Georgia O’Keeffe, Lee Krasner, Agnes Martin and Louise Bourgeois.

The early portrait paintings are a revelation. And then, how avant-garde her Electric Prisms paintings, fashion designs, theatre costumes, embroidering poetry onto fabric, turning her apartment into a three-dimensional collage… the very epitome of a “progressive woman synonymous with modernity.”

I have always loved her creativity, vibrancy, colours and asymmetric, musical rhythm – her photogeneity, in the sense of her works producing or emitting light, like an organism does. They seem to grab you, like a jolt of electricity, saying “Wake up!” and “Look at me!”

Perhaps I’m a little bit in love with this very wonderful women.

Dr Marcus Bunyan for Art Blart

Many thankx to the…

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Journey to Recovery Through the Artist’s Eye

More Artists are convening to make work for the Pine Street Center for recovery of the residents for abuse of substances. The recognition that environment is a part of a persons ability to navigate the stress of everyday existence plays out in adding art of inspiring content to that environment.